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Carsten Ziegler
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My name is Carsten Ziegler and this is my web site. I'm a passionate developer, architect and project manager. My native development environment is ABAP on the brilliant NetWeaver platform. If SE80, SM50 and ST22 sound familiar to you, you can probably understand the pleasure of my work. When I'm not developing I enjoy spending time with my family.

↑ Melissa and Felix

Since March 14, 2005 I am the proud father of twins. They are healthy, and very beautiful.

↑ About Me

What's that? You say your life won't be complete until you know a little more about me? Well, you've come to the right place. Allow me to "virtually" introduce myself...


1993 - 2000 Working in the family business
1996 'Abitur' (high school diploma) at the Hölderlin Gymnasium in Heidelberg, Germany
1996 - 1997 Civilian Service as a caretaker in an old people's home: 'Haus Kurpfalz' in Wiesloch, Germany
1997 - 2000 'Diplom' (Masters) in Business Administration at the Fachhochschule Ludwigshafen, Germany with focus on accounting and information technology
1999 Internship at Atrior AG in Heidelberg, Germany
2000 Internship at Landesbank Baden Württemberg in Stuttgart, Germany
2000 Software Development Engineer (later architect and project manager) at SAP AG in Walldorf, Germany
2003 - 2008 MBA course at University of Leicester,UK

Working at SAP

2000 - 2001 SEM-SRM (Stakeholder Relationship Management)
2001 SEM-BCS (Business Consolidation)
2002 - 2004 MDF (Master Data Framework); central component of the Financial Basis which is the backbone of several applications such as SEM-BCS and banking solutions
2005 Several smaller developments in Financials and NetWeaver
2005 - 2010 BRFplus (Business Rules Framework plus) (project management and architecture)
2006 - 2009 Involvement in several architectural topics in the new Business Process Platform and Business ByDesign
2007 Acquisition of Yasu Technologies (I was doing technical analysis, and Yasu was in fact my recommendation)


Contact Me

webmaster [at] carstenziegler [dot] com

↑ BRFplus

Business Rules Framework plus (BRFplus) is a Business Rules Management System developed in ABAP. BRFplus allows to separate out fix parts of an application (code) and flexible parts (rules) that are subject to more frequent changes. Typical use cases for BRFplus are decision services, data validation and error correction, derivations and classifications, and calculations. The big advantage of the rules approach is that business users gain transparency. Business logic is not hidden in code but defined in rules. These rules are supposed to be changed and tested by business users without involvement of IT which decreases maintenance and testing costs/time.

More information about BRFplus including screenshots, tutorials, and demos are available in SDN.

There is also a nice video on YouTube about BRFplus.

↑ BRFplus Book

The BRFplus Book, all you need to know about BRFplus..

  • Explore the capabilities of ABAP's new Business Rule Framework
  • Find out about functionality, content management, expression and action types, and more
  • Benefit from detailed code tutorials, deployment tips, and extension options

With BRFplus, SAP provides a full-fledged Business Rule Management System, based on proven ABAP technology. This book is your one-stop resource to understanding and using BRFplus: Learn how to create applications with the BRFplus Workbench as well as the API, find out how to manage applications and objects, and benefit from an extensive reference chapter on functions, data objects, rules and rulesets, expressions, and actions. Additional chapters on tools, performance, deployment, and other advanced topics round off this book.

BRFplus Walk-Through and Tutorial
Get started with a complete tour through all Workbench tools, follow the development cycle, and learn how to create applications in the Workbench or via the API.

Learn how to define, use, and link objects to each other, and benefit from a comprehensive reference for all object types, such as expressions, actions, and more.

Tools, Deployment, and Administration
The book covers the entire development cycle: Imports and exports, transports, administration, as well as remote and local scenarios, are all dealt with in detail.

Advanced Topics
Once your applications are deployed, you'll want to tune them: Find out how to enhance performance, trace processing, extend BRFplus' functionality, and integrate it into custom user interfaces.

See the sample for the detailed TOC and a text excerpt.

Highlights Include

  • Business rules and management
  • Object management
  • Objects
    • Functions
    • Data objects
    • Rules and rulesets
    • Expression and action types
  • Tools and administration
  • Advanced topics
    • Performance
    • Tracing
    • Extending BRFplus
    • UI integration
  • Deployment and methodology